May 4, 2010

Google Chrome and Oracle Apps.


Oracle apps is working on google chrome now.(version and J2SE Plug in version 1.6.0_16). It is amazingly fast on chrome. I will test it more and log the bugs here, if any.

You will not be able to use google chrome for running oracle applications.Google Chrome is in beta for now.
No dynamic apps will run.Even if you install Jinitiator after getting a prompt, it will not be able to launch
application.But google will make it available soon.

-- Soham Khot


Waggers said...

How soon is soon? It's now a year later, Chrome is no longer in beta, and still Oracle apparently don't support jinitiator for Chrome.

Ashish said...

we would like the ability to run oracle apps on chrome. Its already quite some time, please let the group know when we will be able to run oracle apps on chrome :)