Dec 23, 2007

Below are more Apps Questions. I will update the answers asap

1)what is the meaning of imputed earnings,supplementary earnings?what is the difference?

Imputed Earnings are for non–cash remuneration such as personal use of a company–provided car.(NonTaxable)
The Supplemental Earnings classification includes a variety of special earnings paid in addition to
earnings for time worked, as for example bonuses or sick pay.(Taxable)

2) what is the meaning of voluntary deductions,involuntary deductions, pre-tax deductions?
Pre-Tax --like 401K
Voluntary and Involuntary deducations are just like suggested by their names,
Voluntary deductions are not mandetory eg Loan repayments.
You can take any amount of loan, no need to pay it. After some time it will be deducted from
Involuntary deductions like court order :)
bankruptcy orders is another example of Involuntary Deductions.

3)what is the tax withholding rules?what is the use of tax withholding rules?
Tax withholding rules defines if deduction is SUI level, federal level etc
Total Compensation -> Basic -> tax withholding rules

4)what do u do in task flows?

5)how do u use date track history option?
Tools -> Date Track History (Enable on date track able forms like people, assignment)

6)when we open the organisation hierarchy,there is some fields that is position control,top node position control enable?what is the difference between top node,position control,top node position control in the hierarchy window?
7)how can we change the top organisation of an existing hierarchy?

08)what is each entry of time off reduces the net accrual on the plan?
Main element in the plan is always PTO element, which is always in subtract.

9)i studied on PTO ACCRUAL plans.but didn't got these words.what is the meaning of carry
over,paid time off,accrual,accrual term,accrual plan,accrual period,accrual band with
Carry Over: Some percentage is carried forward in next year. eg: employees is having
50 hours of leave in a year. He might not take all 50 hours so some leaves
are carried over. We can define the how many leaves employee can carry over.
Paid Off time : Is the leave for which employee will get paid or paid leave.
Accrual : Balance of total leaves taken (Increasing Balance), or total available leaves
(decreasing balance)
Accrual Term : Start date and end date of accrual. Some accrual plans starts on 1st Jan while
some can start on 1jun.
Accrual Plan: Plan which accrue leaves.
Accrual Period: It can be of 1 year or 6 months based on company req.
Accrual Band: Different type of employees can have different amount of leave.
eg: New hire can take only 10 hours of leave in a year
But CEO (20 yrs of exp) can take 50 hours of leave in a year.(so Injustice
with new hire).

-- Soham Khot

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