Nov 26, 2007

Interview Questions

Following questions are from oracle India HRMS interview.
I will post the answer to all the questions asap.
1> what are the Pl/SQL tables?
Pl/SQL tables are like Cursor, which stores the data in the memory.
This data can be accessed to improve performance.

2> what is ref cursor?
call cursor1(business_group_id)
Here you are executing the cursor only for one BG. This is Ref cursor.

3> what is the profile we need to activate while implementing payroll?

4> what are the 3 profiles we need to activate without which wecannot login into HRMS?

5> what are types of alerts?
Periodic and non-periodic/Event Base.

6> what is the advantage of package? why to use package instead ofprocedure?
Pkg is used for overloading.
Also consider a payroll pkg for Interfaces, you can combine all the required functions
and procedures inside pkg.
Calling Procedure and functions from one Procedure will affect performance.

7> what are the implementations steps for oracle payroll?
Read Oracle HRMS Implementation Guide available on ETRM.

8> what is MD50, MD-70 and MD-120
MD50 is Functonal document
MD70 is Technical Document
MD120 is Deployment Documnet

7> what are user breaks in reports?
Same as Group in SQL.

8> Have you work on forms?
Yes :)

9> what is self service?
Self service is web based Oracle application system.
You need only web browser to access apps. Oh I forgot to mentioned Username and pwd!

10> what is the difference between JOB and Position?
Consider ,
Position : Operator
Job : m/c1 Operator.
So your position is Operator and yer job is to oparate M/c1.
We will discuss on it later on.(No I am not lazy but I need some time to compose the article)

11> What is array in PL/SQL?
<>(Is this a Oracle apps blog or PL/sql blog??)

12> where can I get the salary of the employee?

-- Soham Khot
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